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تحميل Mov To Mp4 Converter
Converts Mov files to mp4 file format.

You can convert a single Mov file or a batch of Mov files at a go.

All conversions are done in the background with a notification that displays conversion progress.

Under settings, You can set now set audio Frame per second, resolution, audio bitrate, audio sampling rate and audio channel, under settings.

Frame Per Second : -
5 Fps
7.5 Fps
10 Fps
14.985 Fps
15 Fps
19.98 Fps
20 Fps
20 Fps
23.976 Fps
24 Fps
29.97 Fps
30 Fps
50 Fps
59.94 Fps
60 Fps

Preset Video Resolution :-
720x480 (ntsc)
720x576 (pal)
352x240 (qntsc)
352x240 (qntsc)
640x480 (sntsc)
768x576 (spal)
352x240 (film)
352x240 (ntsc-film)
128x96 (sqcif)
176x144 (qcif)
352x288 (cif)
704x576 (4cif)
1408x1152 (16cif)
160x120 (qqvga)
320x240 (qvga)
640x480 (vga)
800x600 (svga)
1024x768 (xga)
1600x1200 (uxga)
2048x1536 (qxga)
1280x2048 (qsxga)
5120x4096 (hsxga)
852x480 (wvga)
1366x768 (wxga)
1600x1024 (wsxga)
1920x1200 (wuxga)
2560x1600 (woxga)
3200x2048 (wqsxga)
3840x2400 (wquxga)
7680x4500 (whuxga)
320x200 (cga)
640x350 (ega)
852x480 (hd480)
1280x720 (hd720)
1920x1080 (hd1080)
3840x2160 (ultrahd)

Audio Bitrate :-
320 kbps
256 kbps
192 kbps
160 kbps
128 kbps
96 kbps
64 kbps
32 kbps
16 kbps
12 kbps
8 kbps
6 kbps

Audio Sampling Rate :
32000 Hz
41000 Hz
48000 Hz
88200 Hz
96100 Hz
192000 Hz

Audio Channels :


#All Converted Videos are saved to Movies folder.
# Ensure your Android device has a mounted SD Card with free space.
# Ensure your Android device has google play services installed.

***This app uses FFMPEG library.

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