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Stock Alerts Background - Stocks/Crypto tracker

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Stáhnout Stock Alerts Background - Stocks/Crypto tracker
Tracking your favorite stocks is finally made easier with the Stock Alerts Background. This stock market tracker app can help you to monitor your favorite stocks and create alarms for them. So you don’t have to keep looking at your phone from time to time and miss out on trading or investment opportunities.
With this app you can easily add price alerts, daily % change, net % change alerts and more to easily track your profit and loss.
Stock Alerts offers extended hours alerts for the US market and set custom sound types like Alarm, ringtone or notification tones for your Stock alerts.
Even not just stocks, with this Stock tracker app you will be able to create alerts for a wide range of markets too, such as Cryptocurrencies, ETF, commodity, futures, mutual funds, and others.

In short, this stock alert app is designed to help you catch every trade you wish to take throughout the day. You can use the app to track a wide range of stocks in real-time. Plus, you will be able to customize the notification types.
To know more about Stock Alerts, you can look at these below features:
★ Add Price alerts.
★ Add Daily % change alert to track daily price movement in %.
★ Add Net % change alert to track net profit/loss % in a stock.
★ Add Volume alert to track traded volume of a stock.
★ Add unlimited watchlists and stocks to track stock prices.
★ Custom alert sounds ★ choose among sound type ★ Alarm, Ringtone and Notification.
★ Support for Crypto Currencies, Currency, ETF, Mutual Fund, Commodity futures.
★ Enable Alerts in Background to get notified even when app is killed or in background.
★ Set Stock Price update interval to as low as 5 sec.
★ Backup and restore data on google drive.
★ Enable background alert during market hours only to save battery.
★ Add notes for stock alerts for reminder later
★ Extended hours alerts for US market
★ Sorting/rearranging of stocks based on price/name/change.

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