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One app to replace them all! ClickUp is the place to work on anything with anyone.

Whether you're an agile team doing weekly sprints or you're a marketing team collaborating on Black Friday promotions, you can do it all here.

Over 50,000 teams use ClickUp to be more productive. ClickUp allows you to:

• Create tasks on the go
• Update/ edit seamlessly
• Collaborate with your team
• View your to-dos in one list
• Stay connected with push notifications

With ClickUp, you'll solve these problems:
• How do I know what people are working on?
• How do I know what to work on next?
• How long is my project going to take?

Guaranteed to make you more productive, ClickUp is the platform that innovative teams use to get 62% more done.

Recent changes for ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks

Guess who's back? Back again!

We're actively working on new features to be released soon, and this week's release comes with multiple bug fixes, including a major bug fix with Microsoft SSO login and enhancements to Columns in Docs, task descriptions, and Notepad!

For a more detailed list of the bug fixes in this release, check out our next ClickUp release notes.

Got feedback or need help? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

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