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You have seriously missed out one of the most interesting Indian card games if you haven't played 'Bet777 Teen Patti', which is an rising phenomenon. Me and my friends have played many Teen Patti mobile games these years and Bet777 is our new favorite. Here is why.
We all know playing Teen Patti is all about bluffing, which means you got to psychologically show the opponents you are strong even if you have a weak set of hands. While when playing online Teen Patti games you don't have too many ways of bluffing, so users who have seen their cards would most probably choose to fold if their set of hands are weak. From the latest update of Bet777, a new 'Pot Blind' mode introduced to players, in this mode there's no See Cards option enabled on the table, players have to play blind till the end. You might think the luck factor dominates the game play, actually it does not. When you have enough balance on the table, you can chase those users who have not enough funds to bet, force them to fold using your coins wisely, no matter if your hand is strong or weak. It sounds risky but after we tried more than 100 game plays, the odds of winning are 55 plus out of 100, at the end of day you will always get your investment back along with a certain profit.
It is quite pleasant seeing opponents hesitating and quitting on the table, must try!

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