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Cash Crate is recognized as a free Get paid to site. Advertisers work with Cash Crate to provide them with individuals to test out new services and products using simple online surveys then in return you get paid varied amounts for the products and services you try and offer your opinion on.
At Cash Crate you're going to get paid for your opinion, it really does not get any easier then that to make money online and get paid for doing online surveys. Once you reach $20, you'll receive your payment the next month.
There are a number of ways to make cash at Cash Crate, you'll find the surveys and quizzes which I have stated earlier, you can get money back for online shopping through Cash Crate, you're able to invite your family and friends to join as a referral and get a percentage of what they earn as well. You may also sign up for paid trials and earn money just for trying them. Ever wanted to try out Rhapsody? Then why not try it out using Cash Crate and get paid real money for doing so.
You can also earn points by playing online games on Cash Crate which will provide the opportunity to win even more points, which can be exchanged for prizes in the Cash Crate prize store. With prizes like gift cards, iPhones and Xboxes this is the one place online that you really can win yourself a free iPod.
They've got an active forum where members talk about tips and techniques. Browsing through it is a good way to learn how to make lots of cash on Cash Crate.

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