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SpotMute is light-weight, ad free, permission free*, and open source.

SpotMute mutes the music volume when a Spotify ad is playing, and automagically unmutes afterwards. All you have to do is enable 'Device Broadcast Status' in Spotify settings, and disable ALL battery/memory optimization features on your phone for SpotMute (!).

"Great app. Over eight hundred adds blocked so far and very happy. Only issue was getting my phone settings right to not disable it with power saving but that's not the apps fault. Thanks to everyone involved." - Adam Wollin

An easy way to test that SpotMute actually works is to keep the screen on with SpotMute open, and have the phone charging.

Note that SpotMute is a Spotify ad muter, not blocker.

SpotMute is opens source!

Permissions required:
- 'run foreground service' permission is needed to actually mute ads without the app being open.
- 'network access' is used to load data from

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