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*** Find Nearby Places ***
“Around Me” an android app to find local places that aims to help me find my way, attractions around me, or restaurants around me and get to where i want to go.
*** Latest free around me app ***
“Around Me” is a custom made location tracker app aims to bring you whatever information you need about your surroundings location in an interactive locater app manner.
You can choose from a number of pre-defined local categories or you can search for whatever it is you’re looking for and get it.
*** “Around Me” the best local tracker ***
“Around Me” is great as traveler app for those that travel and for those that don’t want to be stuck in web pages looking for somewhere to eat.
You can start choosing from places categories to find something near you right away.
“Around Me” brings with it a complete map tracker package that allows you to get location info on the go about places. Not just that but, it’s great for tourists as you can quickly and easily find information on attractions and landmarks no matter where you are in the world.
Sure, the same can be done with Google Maps, but it’s nowhere near as slick and easy to use as “title”
***How this location finder works! ***
“Around Me” is not only user friendly, it works for you globally. Post download the app, you will get to see the categories like outdoor, park, nightlight, food, coffee, local restaurants etc.
Not only the name of the hot places around, also the app will let you know how other users have reviewed the pace.
You can use aroundme places tracker to find places around me in terms of distance and relevance! You can select the distance either by miles or in kilometer as per your better convenience!
***Highlight Features ***
• User friendly interface
• Location and places reviews
• Check the timings and features of venue (About Reservations, Credit cards, Seating, Music, Menus and Dining options)
• Foursquare Check-in right from the app
• Request a Uber ride to the venue
*** Coming soon***
• Fires near me nsw, Hiking trails near me and hotel near me on the future categories
• Find friend by number, friends tracker and singles around me as a new social options
• Restaurants around me, attractions around me and food around me especially for travelers
Download the tracker app Around Me on your android device and start exploring the best places around you without any hassle.
Now onward, you will never be in trouble to find the places around you with the help of this virtual guide Around Me, powered by Foursquare, and enjoy smooth sailing of your life and its activities!
'Foursquare' is a trademark of Foursquare Labs Inc. ‘Around Me’ is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Foursquare Labs in any way.

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