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Truth or Dare ⁉️ Spin the Bottle

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Explore the greatest Truth or Dare app with a spin the bottle game that’ll get the ugly truths and risqué dares out of you!

Our app isn't just classic Spin the Bottle, it actually mixes Truth or Dare and a drinking game! Of course, if you don't feel comfortable performing a dare or revealing a truth, you have another option, which is to push the mystery button that will tell you to drink a random number of sips. Don't take this too lightly!

Our Spin the bottle and truth or dare can be played with friends or even lovers!

Get ready to see a side of yourself you haven’t seen before. A fun game with challenges made for adults — what more do you need for a memorable night? For even more fun, our spin the bottle game is available in a range of themes, based on your mood:

🔘 SOFT: Perfect for teens, this free truth or dare game will crack you up without crossing the line. Good for family game night.

🔘 COOL: Also free, this version is perfect for getting the night started with a variety of entertaining questions.

🔘 CRAZY: Get ready for some wack dares with our mad truth and dare !

🔘 DIRTY: For those who want to turn up the heat...check out the hottest version of Truth or Dare with our naughty dares and our dirty truths!

🔘 COUPLE: We didn’t forget about the couples out there with our spin the bottle game made just for you ;)

🔘 HARDCORE: For those who think they can handle anything—this mode of Truth or Dare is strictly for people who are totally out of their minds! For adults only ;)

What are you waiting for? Start testing this unique, dirty Truth or Dare game with our 18 bottles of booze. So, what will it be— truth or dare?

Recent changes for Truth or Dare ⁉️ Spin the Bottle

Playing Spin the Bottle without an actual bottle has never been easier ;) We have improved our designs to make the game simpler to navigate and gotten rid of some nasty bugs! Are you ready to speak the Truth or Dare to be challenged? Don’t worry, you know you can always skip them and drink instead!

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