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Dalgona Breaker

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It is a game that breaks the dalgona that appeared in the squid game with excitement.

In the game “Dalgona Breaker”, you don't have to tear it off carefully.

All you have to do is have fun tapping with marbles.

Only the shape remains neat and the rest is coolly broken.

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Recent changes for Dalgona Breaker

Welcome to the world of Dalgona Breaker!
The dalgona distribution stage has been reduced in difficulty and increased in compensation.
The price does not increase when using special weapons several times.
The price of the bead has been lowered.
The effect of increasing the distribution time of invitations of beads has been reduced. (Violet dot magnetic beads, Jewelry pattern glass beads)
The higher the reputation, the more dalgona comes out of the Dalgona Lucky Box.

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