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Milk Tanker Driving: Milk Transport Truck

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Fasten your seatbelt for a most challenging drive around the city. You will have to play as a dairy supply truck driver and transport milk to different parts of the city. The real challenge in this cow milk transport game is to make the deliveries within the given time. So, drive your milk van delivery carefully yet speedily to ensure you reach the destinations on time and don’t keep your customers awaiting. 

Take control of a heavy big tanker which has a capacity of storing a very large amount of dairy milk. To drive heavy milk tanker truck in different areas of the city and transport fresh milk is a great responsibility because you need to have extreme driving and parking skills. Deliver the cows and buffaloes milk from dairy farm to city by steering the milk cargo truck around the whole city.

Complete your all thrilling drive missions in limited time without any collision. Be a crazy heavy vehicle driver around the city. Transport milk safely and complete all thrilling missions of this milk transporter simulator games. Be the winner, complete your distribution missions and reach your destination as quickly as possible. Drive a transporter tanker truck filled with pure milk around the whole city is not an easy job, but with this truck driving simulation games you will be a great heavy milk truck driver and then you can do this job easily.

Experience the new 3d adventurous milk transportation game. You need to deliver milk from the dairy farm to the factory. And after processing milk, you have to transport it to stores and shops around the city for sale. Milk transport is one of the best delivery truck 3d games. If you like to drive heavy vehicles, extreme driving games then it is the best chance to collect milk from a farm in the village and transport it to the city.

Crazy driving skills are a must if you want to reach the customers in time and drive carefully so they don't waste milk. You will need to be a professional driver and know how to drive the milk van delivery and have awesome driving & parking skills. The 4x4 city huge transporter vans to make milk deliveries aren’t for laymen. Time to be a pro heavy vehicle driver of milk transporter truck in the milk tanker driving games!

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