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Coloursmith by Taubmans

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Forget staring blankly at those endless colour walls trying to decide between ‘winter fog’ and ‘grey port’. Now you can create paint colour you’ll love by simply capturing it with Coloursmith.
Whether you’ve been inspired by something colourful you own—or matching an existing shade in your home—all you need to do is capture it, create it, name it… and then own it!
With Coloursmith, it only takes a few minutes to bring the colour in your life, to life.

By simply using your smart phone camera—or for increased precision, combine with the Coloursmith Window or Coloursmith Reader (sold separately)—Coloursmith will simply and accurately capture colour from any object, photo or surface you want. Simply point, snap and select—and let the app do the rest.

Here you’ll become the master of your own trends and the creator of your own paint colours. The sophisticated in-app colour technology allows you to refine your captured colour, adjust the colour intensity and explore complementary colour combinations. The possibilities are limitless.

And because you created it, you get to name it! Anything you like—perhaps something whimsical, or something comical, even something personal—let your creativity run wild. All your personalised colours will be saved in your account until you’re ready to order and paint.

Now comes the fun part! Your personal paint colour is just a 100ml test pot away… and with fast and secure checkout you could be painting a feature wall, a statement door, or something else entirely, before you know it.

Every colour starts with a story and yours is no different. Connect with the Coloursmith Community and share your personal colour creation. You can explore the story-filled world of Coloursmith online at coloursmith.com.au

Your story. Your colour. Yours to create.

Additional features:
— Explore user generated colours
— Create interior or exterior paint colour themes
— Easily manage and adjust your paint colour library
— Order test pots in-app or in-store
— Track and manage your order history

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