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Polish up your audio creations with this compact mastering studio app. It's easier than you think!

Mastering is a suite of audio effects that gives you the power to make your tracks pop and impress.

Effects include:

- 10-band graphic EQ
- 6-band full parametric EQ
- Stereo image enhancer
- Audio exciter
- True RMS compressor
- 3-band compressor
- Signal clipper
- Look-ahead limiter

All effects changes are audible in real time, even on entry level devices.

Supported input formats are:

- WAV (16-24-32bit)
- Ogg Vorbis
- MP3

Output formats are:

- WAV (16-24-32bit)
- Ogg Vorbis
- MP3 (80-320 kbps)
- FLAC (16-24bit)

Tracks can be imported from any audio app with compatible export formats, not just Caustic. You can even try mastering tracks from your local music library.

Exported tracks can be shared to other apps or online music hosting.

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