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Here’s what's inside.
The Signal:
The center of the app. The core. With each tap of the core, the Signal strength increases which lets you level up and rise in the ranks. Can you reach the top? During the Toonami’s broadcast, each tap counts for double points.
The Signal also broadcasts what Toonami topics are trending. Drag and drop the hash tag into the core to increase the overall Signal strength, increase your level and help us trend globally.
Alarm Clock:
Wake up with TOM and Sara, plus some additional Toonami themed alarms. You can choose a variety of different snooze options as well.
Line up Tracker:
Stay up to date with the Toonami schedule by tracking down and locking in this week’s line up.
It’s dark out there. Brighten the world with your Toonami flashlight including strobe options, SOS and even a morse code directory.
Extend your Toonami experience by customizing your device with custom Toonami ringtones and wallpapers.
*For optimal experience operating system 5.0 or greater is recommended. An update to support lower versions is coming

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