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Tracker & IOT is firmly rooted in the belief of being service-centric. It allows us to offer best-in-class quality and financial satisfaction, no matter the size of your fleet or the price of your car. Our proprietary in-house technology provides the best intelligent, actionable data to fleet operators and security for all vehicle owners – across 150+ cities and districts of Pakistan.

Everything you need to know about your vehicle or fleet, all in one app.

Accurate Data
Live Track your vehicles and see full trip histories

Know when your drivers use your vehicles, speed or idle for long period.

Geo Fences
Know when your vehicle is exiting or entering pre-defined areas.

Comprehensive summary of vehicle activity

Service & Support
24/7 Service Centre to give you instant support

No hassle in going to no-go areas or battery work

Replay Route
Replay map that allows users to see a bread crumb trail of a vehicle's route. Fleet managers can see the exact path the driver took and the approximate speed of the vehicle

Hard Braking & Acceleration
When someone drives roughly and do hard breaking or hard accelerator, owner gets notified.

Voice Surveillance
Listen all voices in vehicle with real-time voice monitoring

Safety Alarms
Warning alerts when someone try to tamper battery or device.

Towing Detection
Alert the owner when someone try to tow vehicle in ignition off state.

Anti-Theft Sensor
Notification alert when someone try to even touch the hidden device.

Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Monitor temperature & humidity in vehicle and get alerts when high.

Low Battery Alarm
System may also detect low battery and will send a low battery warning when the device’s battery goes under 20%.

SMS/Email Integration
All the notifications also sent through SMS/Email to users’ registered phone numbers/email addresses.

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