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Who wants to play?!
Do you have enough endurance? Or would you rather use helpers? Find out what the egg hides. You can play with one finger just tapping the egg or with multiple fingers also. Tap Tamago! Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tamago is the real surprising egg game for all ages. If you love eggs, fried or cooked, if you’ve seen eggs, little or big, round or oval, but if you’re just curious about what tamago the surprising egg hides, take every effort and find out and play through the game.

Have you noticed how many beautiful way can we say egg as Eier, Uovo, Huevo, Ovo, Jajko, яйцо, Oeuf, Tojás, Vajce, Bayda?!

You can play tamago the surprising egg anywhere, at home, in a pub, sitting on a bus, in the library. You can use also equipments to break the egg. It will be really surprising. Let's go, Tamago.

Have you tried the mystic egg skin?
Incredible app! Have fun!

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