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The myMINT App is the mobile connection to the MINT Training Management System, MINT TMS. The app automatically synchronizes the MINT training schedule and displays all event information in an easy to read format. Instructors and students don’t have to worry about missing a training assignment, and everyone is always up-to-date on when and where they need to be. The app receives and displays automatic notifications, like for example grading reminders or other notifications that relate to an action that needs to be performed, which may be requested from the individual trainee or instructor. The app also allows you to visualize reports and statistical charts that were created in MINT TMS using the new Jupyter Notebook extension. Real-time data in the palm of your hand. Additionally, users can use the app for grading and signing off forms, online and offline.

MINT SaaS users can connect to the app by simply using the same user login name and password used for their MINT System login.

Recent changes for myMINT

• Sign off on Ad-Hoc forms in offline mode
• Change parameter values during report execution (for type TEXT, INTEGER, and FLOAT)
• Fixed an issue where ad-hoc forms would not load in the app (screen would be stuck loading)
• Fixed an issue where joined events with the same name for the event and its project would be displayed with both names (duplicated) and asterisks (*)
• Minor fixes

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