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Radio New Zealand Online is a free New Zealand radio that allows you to listen online to all the best stations in New Zealand, in one place. Among the stations you can find : Brian FM, Coast, Flava, George FM, Gold (Mix Radio), Hokonui, Magic, More FM, Newstalk ZB, Nga Iwi, Niu FM, Hauraki, Tarana, Radio ZM, RNZ, The Breeze, The Edge, The Hits, The Rock, The Sound and many other leading stations, which are constantly updated.

Simple Listening!

👍 Easy and convenient interface.
👍 Easy and fast navigation between stations.
👍 All AM / FM stations in one place.
👍 Option to create a list of favorite stations, or select the recommended list or all stations.
👍 You can listen in the background without interruption while navigating to the other applications on the device.
👍 Automatically playback stopping when receiving a phone call, and return to playback at the end.
👍 Option to automatically activate the last station when opening the application.
👍Sleep Mode Option - Set a time to automatically stop broadcasting.
👍 Search stations by name, genre, language or location.

Permissions required:
* Phone mode - to stop playing when receiving a call, and restart at the end.

Available radio stations(partial list):
100.3FM, 1074bfm 8k radio 95b FM Absolute Live FM Access Radio Taranaki, Akaroa Radio, AM936 Radio, Amy Lee Radio, AndHow.FM, Apna 990 AM, Arrow fm, Ati Awa Toa FM, Auckland 80s, AWA FM, Badradio, Base FM, Bass Cadet, Bayrock, Beach FM, Beagle, Better Beats, Big Rig Country , Hits, Big River FM, Bitter Sweet Music, Bollybop, Boosh FM, Brian FM , BurgerFuel, CFM Coromandel, Channel Z, Choice FM, Classic Gold, Cliff Richard Radio, Coast Access, Coast FM, Coast Radio NZ, Compass FM, Coolblue Taupo, Country Radio, Cruise FM, Dave FM, East FM, Easy 80, Flava, Free FM, Fresh FM, Gaia FM, George FM, Gold (Mix Radio), Gold AM, Groove FM, GuruBox Radio, Heads FM, Hit Up Ange, Hokonui Radio, Magic, Mai FM, More FM, MPR, Mushroom Escape, NBR radio, Neo Radio, New Zealand Net, Newstalk ZB, Nga Iwi FM, Ngāti Hine FM, Niu FM, OAR Dunedin, Radio A , Radio ZM, RNZ, Sunshine, The Breeze, The Casual, The Cheese, The Edge, The Hits, The Most FM, The Pits FM, The Rock, Waiheke Radio, ZFM and more.

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