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Drawing beautifully is not easy. And drawing graffiti on the phone beautifully is generally an art. Be that as it may, with the emergence of this basic element of hip-hop culture, walls on the streets around the world were covered with motley graffiti inscriptions, tags and even real paintings by artists who call themselves graffiti-writers.

Probably every hip-hop fan during his youth dreamed of painting graffiti on the walls. Many have even tried it. But in fact, not everyone knew how to draw graffiti in stages and everything was not as easy as it seemed at first, and novice writers left graffiti training without really starting. But now there is our application, thanks to which you can learn how to draw graffiti in stages.

We will not delve into the intricacies of complex works of street art, we will concentrate on the classic examples, namely, how to draw graffiti letters, because this is what we usually start with. First, let's talk about what you need to paint graffiti. You will need a pencil, just a piece of paper, an eraser. You can start by learning how to draw a graffiti name. Of course, the main thing in this matter is practice and then you will definitely succeed. Therefore, rather, we download the application and draw graffiti in stages with us.

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