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Workout Planner App is super useful when managing your workouts and exercises. This app also includes strength and Calisthenics calculators and charts for workout overload and intensities.

With the strength planner app you will be able to plan your Calisthenics or Strength routines and keep track of your data. Create your professional strength training routines. You also have the option to save your data to the cloud, so it's safe!

Tracking workouts is very useful and important in strength training, because this way you can improve faster and safer.

With this app, you will be able to plan the workout for every day of the year. It's as easy as selecting the exercise from a list, entering the number of sets and repetitions and adding the weight you will use. You can modify each set as you desire, and add specific comments and observations for each set. You can also mark the set as complete or incomplete.

The strength workout planner is divided in main and accessory exercises. The main exercises will be the main strength ones such as Squat, Pull Up, Deadlift, Dips, among others. The workout planner has a functionality of copying the exercises from one day to another. This way, you needn't rewrite the workout you did to the next session. Copying and adjusting the weight and the repetitions will be enough. Next to the exercises you can add comments and observations to keep in mind for the next session.

The app also has a countdown timer so you can calculate the rest between sets.

The reason why I developed this app was because I always forgot what was the weight I took the last week. This way, with the workout planner, It's much faster to look for the last week workout and plan or the actual week. Moreover, you have the one rep max calculators included, which are super helpful and the statics that will help you keep track of your workout overload.

The one rep max calculators included for this app are the following:
- Weighted Pull Up Calculator
- Weighted Tricep Dips Calculator
- Muscle Up Calculator
- Squat Calculator
- Deadlift Calculator
- Bench Press Calculator

Recent changes for Calisthenics Workout Planner | Workout Log

- Added New LANGUAGE!! Spanish is supported now!
- Added the data backup option for exporting and importing data to the server (still under testing mode)
- Added the advanced editing mode for the exercises, so you can specify the reps and weights within the same set.
- Added option to mark workout as done or partially done, marked with colors so you can easily see.
- Added extra tab on the navigation bar for more options.
- Improvements in the stats tab, with some more data indicators.

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