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Do you enjoy precious gemstones?
In this FREE app you will find most interesting gemstones with pictures, description and properties table! This app provides quiz for memorizing gemstones, and calendar of gemstones events.

With this app you will get all main information about gemstones popular in jewelry, cosmology, commercial, and traditional applications.

* List of gemstones with thumbnail pictures for easy selection
* Home view of features with easy icons
* Home view showing recent gemstones viewed
* Search gemstones using phrases or names to find specific list
* Browse A-Z gemstones in categories
* Reliable app with few errors and quick navigation
* Search by color for popular gemstones varieties
* Color palette view for visual color choice
* Detailed gemstones description with hardness, crystal system, info
* Gemstones information about crystal transparency
* Gemstones category of luster and mineral class
* Easy navigation quiz/test to try identify gemstone by name
* Keep score of quiz/test results in tries/success
* Easy-to-touch Quiz buttons
* Bright large graphics for icons, quiz markers, colors
* New gemstone varieties added often, recently Sard, Eclogite, Iceland Spar
* Gemstones events calendar for 2019
* Click through gemstones events calendar to Web to see event website
* New gemstones types added often, examples Rose Quartz, Hornblende, Flint


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* Gemstone of Month Pearl gem of Sea
* New images Citrine, Bismuth, Tourmaline, Larimar, Rhodonite, bug fixes, Chrysoprase, bloodstone, Bright new gemstones pictures Sunstone, diopside, Nephrite, Orbicular jasper, flourite, moonstone, colorful gemstones images Tumbled Agate, Carnelian, Alexandrite natural, chrysocolla, kyanite
* Bright color swatch, and quiz, search by color of gemstone

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