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*works with Zyxel MPro Mesh compatible Wi-Fi 6 WiFi gateways and extenders

This is a mobile app is for Zyxel MPro Mesh Wi-Fi 6 whole-home managed WiFi system. MPro Mesh app is a subscriber self-help app, enabling simple network management features such as complete view of home network, home device list, Wi-Fi setup, one-click guest WiFi setup and parental control for internet access.

MPro Mesh App feature highlights include the following:
● Access MPro Mesh gateway from anywhere
● Send push notification when a new device is online
● View all wireless or wired devices connected to the home and guest network
● Change wireless network name and password
● Enable guest wireless network, create name and password for the guest wireless net work
● View information about all the clients connected to home network
● Instant block internet access on all the client devices
● Easily add and configure extenders to create a single whole-home wireless network
Note: The app only displays the functions supported by your device. (For example, instant block is not supported on extender.)

Android version supported
● 8.0 or later version

Supported model and FW
● Gateway:
- EX5510-B0 V5.15(ABQX.2) or later version
- EX3510-B0 V5.17(ABUP.1) or later version

● WiFi extender:
- WX3310-B0 V1.00(ABSF.0) or later version

To see more supported models, pls check below URL: https://www.zyxel.com/library/sp/MPro_Mesh_supported_model_list.pdf

Contact support : app_support@zyxel.com.tw

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1. [Bug Fixed] # 147604 [MPro Mesh_Android] End device detail information Connect to extender name is display incomplete

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