Terms of Use

The terms of use set out a legal agreement between users and the website. It is highly recommended to study terms and conditions in the first place.

APKSalad is not associated with Google, Google Play or Android. The developers and companies have exclusive rights and the intellectual property over all apps and mobile games on the site. Users are allowed to download APKs for their personal purpose only, not commercial one. Please note, here you find APK files without any cheats or modifications, as these apps are free to download, just like in Google Play.

The agreement

The agreement is set out by terms and conditions between users and APKSalad as well as its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliated entities ("APKSalad.com", "we", "us", "our" and "ours"). Users can have access to the website only in accordance with terms and conditions. There is a section called Privacy Policy which we also suggest visitors study closely. Our administration can change some rules in terms of use and privacy policy without notifying users. Therefore, please, read these two sections on a regular basis in order to be aware of the latest updates. We ask you not to take the content on the website as any form of advice or guarantee. APKSalad only provides app descriptions and allows users to download APKs.

Use restrictions

All the content you find on the website are intellectual property of APKSalad, developers and partners. Each trademark, service mark and name belong to us or app developers, licensors and suppliers. Visitors are not allowed to share any content from the website with third party links for commercial purposes. We suggest you not to violate the rules of APKSalad. Visitors agree not to use the website for purposes that may affect us negatively. In accordance with terms of use, visitors should not violate any local, federal, state and international laws while using the website. Please note, we do not collect users personal information If we know he or she is under the age of 13 as the content on APKSalad is not oriented towards children. We are committed to protecting the privacy of kids.

Links to third party websites

There are hyperlinks on some pages provided by our partners. By clicking these links you get to a third party website or content, which is usually ads. As actions of our partners go beyond our control we advise you to read their privacy policy and then get access to content. APKSalad is not responsible for any consequences you may have by clicking to the hyperlinks. We can disable ads provided by our partners any time we would like to even if the agreement says otherwise.

Electronic communications

Users can send us the letters via email in case they have any questions regarding the website and its rules.

Policy restrictions

While visiting APKSalad users should not violate any of its rules such as causing damage, including financial one or disturb any person and entity. Moreover, using automated systems is highly restricted. This applies to activating tools or extensions in web browsers which allow you to make several clicks at the same time, much more than an average user is capable of.

Please note, our website uses spiders operated by search engines. Users agree to let these web crawlers work on APKSalad.


Content and services on the website should not be considered as any sign of guarantee, reliability or advice. The risk of using APKSalad lies solely upon visitors themselves. We do not guarantee you the accuracy of the information provided both by our website and third parties. The descriptions and reviews may not correspond to reality due to regular updates and changes. We are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of using APKSalad, its content, services and information. By downloading APKs on your device you take all the risk on your own. We do not take responsibility for our content or the one provided by our third parties not meeting your requirements. You further acknowledge that there will not be any claims against APKSalad, its content, information and services as well as the partners we cooperate with.


You acknowledge to indemnify us, content suppliers, licensors, agents, licensees, distributors, representatives, other authorized persons, foregoing entities, resellers, services, directors, assigns and successors for damage or loss caused by your actions on the website. We can hire a lawyer and build a defense strategy while you agree to cooperate with us in protecting the interests of APKSalad.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall we or any of our partners, suppliers, contractors and representatives take responsibility for any damages you or third party of yours may have by using APKSalad. This especially applies to smartphones, PC, tablets and other devices you use to get access to our website. In case you have financial loss after downloading APKs from the website, you take all the responsibility on your own. We are not liable for providing any kind of information warning that this content is not recommended to download, even if we have foreseen negative consequences. You acknowledge that nor we or our partners, suppliers and representatives are liable for any incompatibility between our website and any other website, browser, hardware or software. APKSalad and its partners are not liable for accuracy of information you can find on the website. We do not take responsibility for any delays or problems in the performance of the website caused by actions which go beyond our control. This includes natural disasters, unexpected situations and terrorism.

General provisions

Only our administration can decide whether to modify the website or stop its performance both temporarily and permanently. You acknowledge that we are not liable to you or any third party for modifying, changing and stopping the performance of APKSalad. If any provision in terms of use is considered invalid for a certain reason, it will be removed and will not have effect on other provisions. APKSalad reserves the right to update or terminate provisions at any time without notifying users. Please note some provisions may still have legal effects after termination due to their nature. Terms of use and privacy policy give a clear picture of what users are allowed to do while visiting APKSalad. You acknowledge that regardless of any statute of law, we can approach any claims regarding the website within a certain amount of time after it has been legally confirmed.