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Fatty Cat

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Fatty Cat is one cool cat and quite possibly the most "addicting" game out there!
Your task? Simple. Just run and collect as many points as you can... The only challenge is to jump over any obstacles in your path. Don't be fooled, jumping these obstacles seems easy... but in reality you are a fat cat...
Help Fatty Cat lose weight and help him reach his goal of a beach body.
- Compare high scores with Google Game Services support
- Simple Controls
- Layered Parallax Scrolling Background
- Charming Pixel Art
How to play?
- Touch and Hold to make Fatty Cat jump
- Release Touch when Fatty Cat is at desired jump height
- Avoid obstacles
Try to get Fatty Cat some cool stuff:
10 : An Earring
20 : A Sunglasses
30 : A Necklace
40 : A Crown
50: Rainbows!
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