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Do you want to become a true spy, superhero or icon? Show your killing marksmanship, aim at your opponents and do puzzles. Challenge yourself with shooting.

Benefit from your intellectual skills in solving special puzzle challenges. Apply your laser focus and precise goal in order to destroy spies, enemies and other opponents who will stand in the way. Start from travelling to new and undiscovered frontiers, set special weapons such as grenade launchers in motion in order to fight the enemies and release captives. Begin your journey right now! There is something you should ask yourself before: are you ready for making it at a time?

Characteristics of the game:

1. Fight all your foes and rescue the world!

It is your chance to try yourself on a secret mission. Use your killing marksmanship in order to conquer the adversaries! You have a chance to release the world from zombies, aliens, lumberjacks and other bad guys who make attempts on peace and freedom.

2. Reveal Legendary Quests

Are you clever enough to deal with such a big quantity of opponents and sophisticated levels? Would you succeed in solving all kinds of puzzles? Use your bullets that jump off, ricochet or just go as the crow flies! Shoot down and blow up your aims. Make a domino effect and reach your goal by all possible means!

3. Emerging Challenges ComingSave captured, blow people up using grenades and become a part of the secret journey. Bear in mind that every shot is countable!

4. Unique and Enthralling Puzzles

You must implement all pieces of knowledge and skills in order to unriddle all kinds of puzzles! If you want to become a professional in shooting, besides accuracy you will need to be patient, fast and strategic. Let’s see whether you manage to receive three stars from all levels.

5. Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Do you think of yourself as the fastest, cleverest and most skillful one? Challenge yourself by fighting other opponents in insane PVP multiplayer plots.

6. Ongoing Updates

Master puzzles are continuously renewed by appending new military equipment, skins and additional levels. Don’t miss such thrilling developments.

If you enjoy solving puzzles or shooting your enemies, Master Puzzle is exactly what you need. It is the coolest game ever. Combat with the true evil. It is your chance to become a hero! Begin your secret mission and always be ready to shoot your enemies!

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