Official DMCA copyright infringement notification

APKSalad works in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act also known as DMCA. If you would like to send us the letter on this matter, we ask you to include the following:

A signature of a representative who acts on the behalf of the complaining party known as the owner of exclusive rights.

Identification of copyrighted work that is considered to be violated. If a complaint party would like to remove several works from the website, it is necessary to mention all of them on the list.

Links to copyrighted materials that are considered to be infringing. Thus, we can identify these works and remove them from the website.

Contacts such as email address and telephone number. This allows us to cooperate and send a reply as soon as possible.

A statement that the complaining party is acting in accordance with owners requirements and this owner of the exclusive rights does not approve the work to be on the website.

A statement that the information is accurate and representatives of the complaining party undertake to work in accordance with law and regulations. We recommend you not to make false claims, otherwise you may face the penalty of perjury.

Please note, we reserve the right to leave the work on the website if you do not answer our letters for a long time.

저작권 소유자

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