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Army Vehicle Transporter Plane

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Descarca Army Vehicle Transporter Plane
US army plane pilot transport duty is to drop military cargo & armed vehicles through airplane in army plane games. Be a US army hero to fly military plane transporter in field in army plane simulator games. Fly army airplane high to deliver war tanks, army jeeps, army car, and other military cargo through plane in transporter games.

Cargo airplane is parked at US military airport in plane games. Drive army SUV, war tanks, army jeep, weapons & trailer truck for vehicle transportation to park them in US plane in airplane games. Take off helicopters as a plane pilot from airport runway to transport army cargo in field. Complete your army cargo flyover plane transport mission as a part of games of squad flying plane army vehicle transporter and transport them by plane in to field. Remember us military flying plane pilot is playing major role of flying plane in flying vehicles & military troops, help troops & paratroopers to drop off parachutes war material through driving simulator games. Fly plane high in sky more than flying helicopter but transport cargo at safe slots with parachute in plane games.

Here use your car transporter games skills to take car cars to plane simulator and transport them down to complete plane airdrop mission in plane simulator. To parachute drop heavy vehicle is critical and challenging task in parachute airborne plane games. Support armed forces to accomplish their secret missions in airplane games. Dropping off of plane cargo armed forces through aircraft at right time with the help of parachute and be an army hero in transporter games.

US Army Cargo Transport : Military Plane Games key features are:
Drive, car, war tanks & truck to plane for transport mission
Challenging and intense airdrop missions
Realistic war environment for transporter mission
Fly airplane to drop military cargo through parachute
Experience amazing airplane flight with smooth controls

Download now and drop your feedback and suggestions so we can make gameplay better for you.

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