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Child safety and parental protection are a priority for Safekiddo. We help parents protect children from threats such as: access to pornography and other dangerous content, Internet addiction.
Our product is: a mobile application that allows you to monitor the child's activity by pairing the child's devices with the parent's device.

Application functionalities:
• Applications blocking - restricting access to the application.
The parent has a preview of the applications available on the child's device and determines which are allowed (safe) and which are not.
• Internet blocking - restricting access to websites.
We handle requests to the most popular browsers such as Chrome.
• Time limit in front of the phone/computer/tablet - limiting the time spent by the child using applications and websites.
After the set time is exceeded, the child will not be able to open the application or website.
• Child locator - geolocation and geofencing.
The parent has a view of the current location of the child and can set limits within which the child can safely move.
• Youtube blocking - the guardian can see the list of content viewed by the child.
• SOS button - the child can start alerting the parent when he finds himself in an emergency.
• Sound level (vibration, sound on) and battery level.
Parents may be informed in specific time intervals about the state of sounds on the child's device and the level of its battery.

How does SafeKiddo work?
The guardian and the child install the same application on their devices. The guardian sets up his account in the application and then logs in to it on the child's device (or the child independently pairs with it using the QR code).

You will be able to pair devices with the following operating systems to the application: Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, Windows, MacOS (soon).

The application has got free trail period for the first 14 days.

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