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Goal analysis for football fans here.
Standings, team goal minutes data, statistics of the total number of goals of the teams, goal averages, matches expected to be the first half goal, matches with the most valuable statistics and more.

With this method, which shows the number of goals scored by the teams, you can find answers to questions such as whether the first half will be scored or the second half will be scored, which half will have more goals, in which minutes there is a high probability of scoring. Example; The home team scored 5 goals in total in the first half in 5 matches in their own field, and conceded 3 goals, scored 10 goals in total in the second half and accepted 8 goals. Or you will be able to see data such as how many goals scored and how many goals scored in which minute intervals, such as scoring 3 goals and conceding 3 goals between 31-45 minutes.

Matches expected to be scored in the first half, matches expected to be scored in the second half, matches expected to be equal goals, matches expected to be 0.5 over, 1.5 over, 2.5 over, 3.5 over, advanced filters such as matches that are above the average goal you want on your home field or away. You will be able to see the most special matches from the pastes of the day by applying.

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