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We invite you to join this unforgettable experience where you will accomplish new abilities besides the fact that you will learn to be responsible for someone else, other than yourself. Play our Daisy Bunny game to have a real perspective of the reality and about how a little bunny should be treated according to its needs. The complexity of this playing will be brought by how you respond to Daisy`s wishes. As a good pet owner, you must be aware of her tiredness or when she is hungry, in the mood for fun and other activities she asks for. Keep tracking her needs and make sure they are fulfilled in order to have a happy bunny. Feed her with delicious meals and fresh fruits. If you don't have any food you must go to the store to buy some. You will also have to use the money for that and they could be easily gained in the mini-games section. Here you will play multiple popular games to obtain enough money for different things that your pet might need. Put her into bed, offer her a bath and you should let her exercise for her healthy lifestyle. The way she looks could be changed too, but also by using your money. There will be items that are blocked, but once you get the necessary points you can have them. Buy her a nice hat, maybe a new color for her fur and you could try some clothing as well. Don't be afraid to use different styles to achieve a chic look.

Check out some of the features that could impress you in this game:
- Real experience and cool graphics
- Incorporated mini-games
- Taking care of a sweet bunny and her needs
- A fashion area where you can design
- Beauty tricks to learn
- Become more active and see how a good workout is done
- Change the look by unlocking different items
- Multiple levels and the possibility to advance
- Controlling the game easy
- Perfect your techniques as an animal caretaker

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