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Welcome to Divo, the Dating App that pays respect to the most interesting status of all – Divorcees.
We founded Divo to provide divorcees just like us a dating platform that considers our special needs.
Dating among divorcees is different than any other type of dating. We bring with us a special and unique “package”, we have different needs and circumstances. We have a past that accompanies us all along the journey. Most of us have kids, joint custody, alimony etc.
Did you know that one of the first questions often asked when Divorcees date is “on which days are your kids with you?” if our days are opposite we will never be able to date.
On Divo you can see on the profile which days and weekends are free and decide If it is relevant to make your move… isn’t that cool?
Divo focuses on divorcees but is not only for our use. If you are a mature single, separated, or a widower you will find your place with us. We believe everyone can find love in their second (or more) chapter in life.

How does it work?
Download the App, fill in your details (don’t worry its done only once at the beginning), load up some photos of yourself and start searching for love.
Browse thru profiles, if you find someone interesting - Swipe to the right, if not, swipe to the left. If both sides swipe to the right you will get a “CRUSH” indication and both of you can now start chatting on the chat page in the App.
From this point it’s up to you! After all you need to do to some work too 

Want to improve your chances? Try Divo VIP

Divo VIP benefits and unique features:
1. Find out who swiped you right (even if you didn’t swipe them right)
2. Find out who watched your profile
3. Find out when members where on the app
4. Any regrets? – no problem! erase messages on the chat
5. Listen to voices of people you find interesting – the voice makes a difference!
6. VIP members double their daily capacity of swipes to the right
7. VIP member’s profiles get a boost
8. You can regret “mistakes” with the UNDO button undoing swipes to the right or left
9. You get more “WOW” opportunities, meaning you can tell more people you find them super interesting and increase your chances

Welcome to our community – enjoy the ride!

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