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Benz S Class: Extreme Modern Super Car

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Welcome to the most extreme exotic burnout car drive of S Class sports. Ever wondered how it looks like being into the interior of a Benz S Class Modified sports car and imagines doing drifting in a city full of sports cars, tall buildings, stunts arena, and pedestrians. The City of Lights where Police Cars are on every corner of the street and you are Over speeding your S Class and doing drifts in front of police. Now Police are chasing you but you still manage to enjoy the extreme burnout of S Class Manual Transmission Car. This is all about the free mode of S Class: Extreme Modern City Car Drift and Stunts Drive. There is a dedicated Track for City Car Stunts And Drift mode. Where there are no limits of Drifting and Speeding up. Your Modified S Class will push its limits to 360 Meter Speed. Excited enough to Play it, Just Download this app by Bablu Games and enjoy.

S Class Sports Car Drive Stunts has three main modes where this car can be tested and enjoyed. In the first Mode of Mercedes Benz S Class drive, we have managed to Bring the all-new Open World City for you where You can Enjoy your Mercedes Benz S Class drive all around the city, doing being chased missions, making new records of Speeds, and Driving the Mercedes Benz S Class in the busiest streets of the city. The police are there for you, whenever you speed up, there will be police cars to chase you. This is more exciting to experience such a Mercedes Benz S Class car drive. The Extreme Car Drive of new Mercedes Benz S Class is full of Mercedes Benz S Class Stunts and hurdles, You will be crashing into other sports cars and super cars like Hurricane and SLS AMG. It's gonna be fun.

The second mode of Mercedes Sports car drive stunts is free to drift mode. In this Mode, you have to park and drive of Mercedes Car in different parking modes with different difficulty levels. Mercedes Multistory & Honda Civic Classic parking mode. You have to take extra care of your car from hurdles and collisions. You need to park your Mercedes car smoothly and very carefully and make sure that that the New Mercedes Benz S Class is parked perfectly. Real Classic Car Parking 3D new Hard Drive is full of fun and enjoyment. These car parking games will develop your driving skills but not car racing skills. Brace yourself for fun with the newest, unique car parking game of 2020.

Last but not the least, Honda Car Drift and Drive comes with a unique free mode of Car Crash Drift arena mode. In which you will have lots of hurdles but all you have to do is drive and Drift your Honda car carefully that nothing else is broken so that you can get maximum coins out of that. The car will crash during the drift, but don't worry, this is free-drifting, you can try as many times as you want. All you need is to enjoy the drift and make yourself comfortable with the car drift and drive.

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Game features:
- Radio listening option
- Unlimited customization
- Driver options
- Horn, signal, headlight options
- ABS ESP TCS driving assistants
- Manual gear options
- Different huge maps
- Realistic traffic and traffic rules
- Parking, Career, Checkpoint, Drift, Stunt, Lap Time,
Breaking tasks
- Increasingly challenging tasks
- You can wander as you wish in free mode

Recent changes for Benz S Class: Extreme Modern Super Car

New Features Added.
Bugs Fixed.
Improved Gameplay.
Realistic Environment.

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