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M3 Drift Simulator enables you to play with your dream car M3 with four different M3 model. If you love you can play with M3 from there. M3 Drift Simulator has 4 different Map options which provides you to see how your M3 Car would work in the City, Desert and Forest terrains also in drift Mode. You can try all 4 maps and enjoy your time with your M3 Simulator. Also in M3 Simulator, You can complete missions. You have two different objectives firstly collect points in the 3 maps or collect drift points.
With the greatest Drift Simulator on the market, you can explore the world of drifting. Keep an eye on the city with your M3. This game was created for you by M3 admirers. Use the M3 model to move about freely in your car. M3 Drift Simulator lets you drive a top-of-the-line automobile..

Models of realistic automobiles;
- M3 E34
- M3 E46, Sportss
- M3 GTR

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