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Do you like Virtual Regatta? Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, casual or addictive gamer, SailGrib for Virtual Regatta, known as SailGrib4VR, offers you all the power of SailGrib WR at the exclusive Virtual Regatta service. With SailGrib4VR, you can compete with the best players!

The routing algorithm considers the specifics of the game to minimize penalties subject to sail changes, tacking and gybing. It also takes into account exclusion zones like the ZEA of the Vendée Globe.

When you open the app, you are automatically connected to your Virtual Regatta account. If you have several regattas in progress, select in the home page the one you want. Without any manipulation or setting, you can instantly find your position in real time on the map. If a new weather file is available for the game, it is automatically downloaded at the app start.

Place a target on the screen and calculate a routing towards that target.

Once the routing is done, send the programmations orders to VR, they will be immediately integrated in the game, and your boat will follow the path of this new route (Premium subscription only). That's it!
Without a subscription, you have to manually transfer the bearing of each isochron segment in the Virtual Regatta programming function.

Only one watchword: instant. One credo: efficiency. Wherever you are, on the move, on public transport, in a waiting room, at the time of a new weather file, take out your cell phone or tablet and update your routing.

Free app specs:
- 5 day routing
- Regular routing mode

The 3-month, with a 5 day FREE trial period, Premium subscription includes:
- up to 16 day routing
- 4 routing modes: Fast, Normal, Precise and Expert
- Export of the programming to VR (up to 15 route points according to options taken in VR).

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Recent changes for SailGrib for Virtual Regatta

- Exact same coast line detection as in Virtual Regatta
- VMG analysis in the navigation panel
- Export routing as GPX file
- Routing "Expert mode" modification
- Option to freeze routing target position
- Option to display the scale of the map
- Bugs correction and performance improvements

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