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Confidently control your nutrition with custom macro plans, dynamic weekly adjustments, and easy food logging.

MacroFactor is a science-backed diet sidekick and macro tracker app that empowers you with the tools you need to reach your goals without stress or rigidity.

Download to start your free 7-day trial and get your custom macro plan. After your trial, subscriptions for this premium, ad-free app start at $5.99/month.


• Get a science-backed macro plan designed for your goals, preferences, and exercise demands.
• Easily and accurately track what you eat with our large, ​​dietitian-verified food library and advanced logging features.
• Smart algorithms make dynamic weekly changes to your macro plan, regardless of how close you came to hitting your targets.


• Monitor your energy expenditure and get a rolling estimate of how many calories you’re burning.
• View detailed breakdowns of macronutrient intake (leucine, fiber, omega-3s, etc), micronutrient intake (vitamins and minerals), water, alcohol, caffeine, cholesterol, and more.
• Connect dozens of health apps through our FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health integrations.


With MacroFactor, you don’t have to eat like a robot, and you’ll never be shamed for the choices you make.

MacroFactor’s ​​calculations and adjustments are based on what you actually did, not what you were “supposed” to do. Unlike other diet coach apps, you don’t have to perfectly adhere to your daily or weekly targets to get evidence-based adjustments to your macro plan.

Because of this adherence-neutral approach, you’ll never see warnings, red numbers, or shaming when you go over your calorie or macro targets, unlike in other macro tracker apps.

Instead, MacroFactor aims to empower you with the guidance and tools you need to reach your goals without stress, shaming, or unnecessary rigidity.


1. Answer a few questions about your goals and lifestyle.
2. MacroFactor will design a customized macro plan for you based on the latest science and your personal preferences.
3. Log your weight and the foods you eat daily.
4. MacroFactor dynamically adjusts your macro plan based on how your body is responding.


Create a custom macro plan
• Let us design a plan for you, set and adjust your own macros, or choose to take full control with Coached, Collaborative, and Manual program styles
• Choose from low-carb, keto, performance, or balanced diet preferences
• Set different calories and macros on training and non-training days
• Set fasting days

Set goals and get dynamic adjustments
• Lose, maintain, or gain weight
• Set target weight and rate at which you’d like to gain or lose
• Get weekly plan adjustments based on logged caloric intake, weight change, and our energy expenditure calculation

Quick, easy, and accurate macro tracker
• Huge dietitian-verified food database
• Barcode scanner
• Copy/paste foods, meals, and entire days
• Custom foods and recipes
• Smart history that remembers what you eat and when
• “AI describe” that allows you to log via your voice
• Timeline-style food log that doesn’t lock you in to a fixed meal count
• Metric and imperial options

Track both macronutrients and micronutrients
• Your custom macro plan includes protein, fat, and carbohydrate targets
• Track micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)
• Track alcohol, caffeine, water, leucine, fiber, omega-3s and 6s, cholesterol, choline, and much more.

User-focused design
• Unique insights and data visualization for weight trends, energy expenditure, and habits
• Data privacy and protection
• Export your data any time
• Light and dark modes
• Period tracking
• Integrations with FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health that enable connections with tons of health apps

Recent changes for MacroFactor - Macro Tracker

* Improve the default range selection behavior of charts
* Fix newly introduced onboarding issue

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