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SamRemote is a virtual remote control that lets you control your Samsung TV. The application is completely free.

To use the Samsung remote control, you must have your mobile is on the same wifi network as your TV and you accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network, it is not necessary to be close to the TV.

If by mistake you have refused the confirmation message of your TV ( Message for establishing communication ), it is possible to change your selection by going to :

/ Menu / Network / AllShare Settings

In addition to a careful representation of the remote control, you can use all the functionality of the real remote.

Samsung remote control works with the following tv:

- Series C (2010) with internet
- Series D (2011) with All Share
- E Series (2012) with All Share
- Series F (2013) with All Share
- Series K-L-M-N (2016/2017/2018)

SamRemote is neither an official Samsung product nor are we affiliated with the Samsung Electronics company.

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