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Dressika is a personal AI shopping assistant and color style consultant. The app has a unique feature - automatic personal color analysis. Just take a selfie to find out your season color, seasonal color palettes and make-up colors. Use a virtual dressing room to create perfect outfits.

👗 Wardrobe:

☆ store looks in your virtual wardrobe, combine clothes to find a new perfect outfit for your closet;
☆ create a capsule wardrobe like a stylist using seasonal colors;
☆ follow fashion trends, make great individual looks using seasonal color analysis, and share your style with friends.

📷 Seasonal color analysis:

☆ select between automatic color analysis and manual color quiz for professionals;
☆ pass a seasonal color quiz based on four seasons color theory to determine one of 12 season colors: light summer, soft summer, cold summer, deep autumn, warm autumn, soft autumn, light spring, bright spring, warm spring, deep winter, bright winter, cold winter;
☆ use personal color analysis to determine the colors of clothing and makeup that enhance natural beauty and harmonize with skin complexion, eye color, and hair color.

👚 Dressing room:

☆ use a virtual fitting room to try on looks from online stores before the purchase;
☆ select an outfit according to your seasonal colors and make-up palette.

🎨 Personal color palettes:

☆ combine 120 colors from the seasonal color palettes to create stylish, trendy & fashion looks;
☆ add favorite colors to the color palette using a color wheel;
☆ mix and match looks and accessories using an additional color palette with color combinations.

💄 Make-up palettes:

☆ explore 70 make-up colors for each color type (lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes);
☆ apply virtual makeover to see the entire look.

Recent changes for Seasonal color analysis

- ability to browse all 12 color palettes
- improved user onboarding experience and app navigation
- minor bug fixes


If you want to help with app translation to other languages, find any bug or have an idea how to improve the app, let us know Premium version for free for all translators!

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