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Focus on Completing Deliveries ✅, Not on Planning Routes

Upper Delivery Route Planner helps you easily plan and optimize your routes. We help you save time at each step. It's time to put away those spreadsheets and manual processes for good!

Quickly create multi-stop route directions in minutes, and use our route optimization algorithm to save even more time! Upper Route Planner is the routing app that will help you plot multiple stops for your route.

Benefits: What's in it for you? (Hint: 🕰+💵)

Our #1 goal is to save you time and money. Here's what you can expect from Upper Route Planner:

Less time planning - Quick and easy route planning;
Fastest route automated - Route optimization;
Less time on the road - Faster deliveries and navigation;
Improve Customer Satisfaction - Accurate ETA for arrival.

Awesome Features 😎You'll Love ❤️

We've designed our app to improve your life. Check out the features below!

(pssst! This is just a shortlist! 🤫 )

Unlimited stops: Most of us need more than 10 or even 50 stops. Whatever the number, we're ready for you!
Save and Duplicate Routes: Have a route you do multiple times? Save time by creating a duplicate of an existing route. This is much better than adding location by location every day!
Quick Addresses Input: Our route planner allows users to quickly and easily add stops for deliveries.
Bulk Address Import from Excel: As a courier or route planner, you have between 10 and 100 addresses on your routes. Our simple import feature is as easy as upload, match, and go!
3 platforms, 1 Great app: Our app is available on Android, iPhone, and Web!
User-friendly Interface: Create your route plans with an extremely simple and intuitive user interface.
Reports and Insights: Data is the new gold. Create powerful reports, gain insights, and improve your business.
Integration with the best GPS Navigation tools: Upper syncs with Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and Mapquest.
Efficient Navigation and Route Optimization: Advanced route optimization algorithms means that the app will find the best and fastest route. You just worry about your core business. ; )
Team Sharing Features: Looking to share a route? Have a team of delivery drivers? We've got you covered with our team features.
Location Auto-Detect: You want to be quick and efficient when adding stops. Our smart input system will rapidly detect the right address as you are typing.
Smart Address Input: We’ve designed our address input system so that even if you type an error, the system is smart and will be able to identify your intentions based on location and previous address history.
Planning road trips? - We can help with that too! Add each location you want to hit up, create a route plan for your once-in-lifetime trip!
And many more features! Advanced map data and our integrations cover traffic information/traffic planner features, saved routes, favorite routes, and much more!

What Makes Us Special? Human-Centered Design 👉👨 👩 👈

Here's a funny truth: 100% of people know why an app is bad, and most of us don't know why an app is good? We have designed this app with human-centered design. This means that we design with you - our users - in mind. Concretely, this means. You'll wrap-up your delivery circuit and arrive at the destination in no time!

Still unsure? We have an international support team that is ready to support you almost 24/7. We really aim to please and give you the best route planner experience on the market.

Planning a route? Planning a trip for delivery? Want to avoid traffic? Improved GPS navigation? We know this is the ultimate route planner to create a map with driving directions for mapping routes. In fact, this is our guarantee or your money back! What are you waiting for? There's no time to waste... Get started today!

Recent changes for Upper - A Better Route Planner

- Minor bug fixes
- UI/UX Improved for better user experience

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